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October 4, 2006

Former Senator Foley – Caught with his hand in the perverbial cookie jar.

So, I was listening to Tom Leykis Show last night, as a group of us were going out to celebrate a guy friends 26th birthday.  Low and behold he brought up Fmr. Sen. Foley and asked for supporters of the afore mentioned to call in on live air and talk to why they support him. Do you know that of the three people actually put on the air not one of them could support Fmr. Sen. Foley with a plausible argument!

Now how sad is that.Â

REALITY CHECK: When someone is in a postion of power, they live in a bubble, where people are always watching their every move.Â

Here is what amazes me.  Why would you, at the ripe old age of 50 something years old, feel the need to destroy what you’ve worked hard to obtain, over an orgasm?  You can not tell me that any orgasm at any time is worth tossing away ones life and hard work.  The least this man could have done is wait until the young man/men in question were 18.  Two little years, that’s 104 weeks, 730 days.Â

The excuse that he used fake id, well I hate to say it, but hello lets wake up and smell the starbucks here, you can not tell me that you can’t tap into one of numerous pipelines to establish this young man’s rightful age.  When in doubt, DON’T WHIP IT OUT! It’s pretty simple really.Â

Now, he’s busy stating now that he was molested as a youngster, as thought that might deflect the heat coming his way, but come on nowÂ

Let’s just open this up…  You can blame society, you can blame your parents, you can blame your teachers, hell you can blame anyone but the bottom line, the buck stops here line is, BLAME YOURSELF.  Actions have consequences, sucky as that might sound.  As not only an adult, but also as someone who was elected to represent the fine people who elected you into your position of power, a few elected officials seem to think they are above and beyond the law, that they will not get caught for any misconduct they engage in. Bottom line here… don’t do the crime if you’re not willing to do the time.Â

NEWS FLASH: An elected official is voted upon by his constituents to represent their best interests, not further ones sexual desires.Â

Before you think that I’m anti gay, two of my best male friends in this world are gay.  The crap they put up with before Foley was hard enough; I can’t imagine the barbs that will be shot their way, now that the distinguished gentleman Fmr. Sen. Foley has come out of the closet.  This will just put more fuel on the fire for those hard core religious fanatics’ who believe in taking away from gay rights and liberties.  They deal with people who are so focused on what they do in the bedroom that they can’t seem to grasp that gay and lesbian people are just like you and me. Normal

So, as I see it Fmr. Sen. Foley, to put it bluntly, you screwed the proverbial pooch here. You owe not only the young man/men you feel the need to be sexually aggressive with online or text message or however else you managed, the good people, who in good faith elected you to represent them, the congress that you managed to disgrace with your actions and lack of thought, and the people of the United States of America, who are now not only hearing about your lack of digression and control, a very sincere apology. Not one of those trite oops I screwed up, not one of those lets blame everyone but me, but a true from the heart I’m sorry, and then deal with what is doled out to you for your lack of judgment.  Â

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October 1, 2006

The Mans Rule Book – Reaching out and touching tush, that isn’t yours.

So, I posed a question to the gentleman I’m currently seeing.  Why is it when I go out dancing that men I don’t even know feel the need to grab my rear end?Â

His simple answer… “Babe, it’s in the Mans Rule Book.” That’s it, no explanation, just that “It’s in the mans rule book”.Â

As a female, I feel the need to protest or at the VERY least amend this rule. Granted, I was blessed with an ample tush, some might say, I have the entire junk yard in my trunk, but I do not believe I have a sticker pasted to a cheek that says… “FREE TO FONDLE”.

Take Friday night for instance.  Here I am minding my own business, dancing with a girlfriend of mine; some guy slides up behind me and wants to dance.  Clearly I’m not dancing with him but with her, however next thing I know, not only is he pressing his pelvis up against me, leaving exactly ZERO to the imagination, but he had the audacity to smack my ass.  Now, I know that it might be in question if there is a bumper sticker on a cheek that says “TOUCH FOR YOUR HEALTH” but I know there isn’t one that says “SMACK THREE TIMES AND DON’T CALL ME IN THE MORNING” on there. First of all, my rear end is big but it’s not that big Shesh!

So… Guys, I propose an amendment, if you see a woman with a nice, ample rear end, before you decide to take it for a test drive, please make sure the owner of said backside, grants you permission.Â

Think that will fly?  While we’re at it why don’t you forward a copy of the “Mans Rule Book” to women out there, so we know what you consider acceptable and what isn’t.Thanks!!

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August 27, 2006

Sociological Theory of Coffeehouses

Ok, considering the fact that I live near Starbucks headquarters, and my step-brother works there, I figured I should weigh in on this little subject.

I………am not a coffee drinker, nor have I ever been, which most of my friends can’t believe. They figure I should have started drinking the stuff at some point, either during my 4 years in the Marine Corps (where serious coffee drinkers are born), or my 6 years in college (especially during graduate school, where caffeine is considered to be PART of your blood plasma), or even during my last 8 years in law enforcement (where coffee drinking is considered almost mandatory). The simple fact is that I can’t handle the taste of the stuff, regardless of how much you doctor it up with whatever crap they have behind the counter. I am, however, a Mt. Dew junkie, but that’s a different subject.

Now, on to Starbucks proper. If you think Starbucks is prevalent where you live, try coming to Seattle sometime. From the front door of our main office building, you can literally see 4 Starbucks within view! I’m not talking a mile away worth of view, I’m talking within 2 blocks of each other! If Starbucks isn’t the legal equivalent of your local meth dealer, I don’t know what is. They want you hopped up, and begging for more…….so, that you’ll actually pay those ridiculous prices for something is simple as BEAN JUICE!

Now, onto the main body of my rant. It’s something I’ve called my Sociological Theory of Coffeehouses. This not only applies to Starbucks, but to any of the other franchises like Tully’s, Seattle’s Best Coffee, etc. I have been in enough of these establishments to have observed the behaviors of people well enough to have formulated a general sociological theory behind the behaviors that occur in these places. The reason I’m in these places is because I generally associate with people that DO drink the stuff by the gallon, so I’m typically along for the ride. Either that, or I simply order a hot chocolate, and I’m on my way.

Ok, someone previously mentioned the sizes associated with cups of coffee, so I will address that first. The entire purpose of these silly facilities is to make you feel better about yourself, or to superficially inflate your ego to the point that you will pay outlandish amounts of money for something that actually costs a fraction of that cost to make. Isn’t it interesting how in most places in our predominantly English speaking society, if there are sizes to be associated with something, it’s typically “small, medium, and large”? Well, that begs the question: Why would a coffee house need to convolute the issue with “Tall, Grande, and Venti”? Simple, their marketing strategy wants you to believe that you’re special because you ordered something Tall, not small……..that you’re not average, you’re an INDIVIDUAL because you ordered a Grande, not a medium……….that you’re not a caffeine guzzling coffaholic for ordering a large, you’re somehow cosmopolitain or eclectic for ordering a Venti. That last one I find somewhat funny since it’s an Italian term being used for a South American product (coffee), being sold in the United States, a predominantly English speaking nation. At least Grande has a spanish association with it, if not assinine in it’s inception, and “Tall” is just retarded right outta the gates. If it’s the smallest thing you have on the menu, then it’s a SMALL, dammit! There’s nothing “tall” about it!

Ok, enough of the sizing difficulties. Now onto the concept of acquired ego or individuality through coffee. When I’d sit and watch people ordering their coffee, they can’t order coffee anymore. Remember a few decades back when the epitome of what a cup of coffee should be was simply a cup of black coffee? Now, under the guise of buying coffee, people are buying as much sugar and caffeine as possible, and consider themselves to be coffee afficionados because they can now order the most confusing cup of coffee under the sun. Somehow, Starbucks and others have gotten the general public to believe that if they order a confusing cup of coffee, they are somehow a better person, or more of an individual for having done so. So, in these long lines of people waiting to order their morning cup of expensive, improperly sized, buckets of sugar and caffeine, they will try to come up with something that will impress the barrista (another term meant to impress us… Denny’s it’s the waitress, waiter, or the damn cook……..NOT a barrista), and confound everyone else, including themselves into believing that they’re somehow “special” for ordering confusing coffee, and overpaying for it.

Once, while I was in Washington, D.C. I was in a Starbucks, and decided to put my theories to the test, so I sat and watched people for a while. Well, sure enough, it happened. At the front of the line, some guy just got done ordering his Venti, half caf, half decaf, double shot, non-fat, hazelnut latte with whip, and a sprinkle of cinnamon, and blessed by the Cardinal before being served to him by Venezuelan virgins wearing Egyptian cotton robes with the Starbucks emblems on them………….(I’m exaggerating, obviously). That, in itself, was bad enough, but what transpired behind him was worse. Apparently, the guy directly behind the first was going to order the SAME THING. Well, he simply couln’t let that happen, because it would interfere with his being able to define himself as an individual through his cup of coffee. So, he became nervous, and looked hurried as he tried to come up with something equally convoluted before the barrista (again, overinflated title) became impatient. That is where we are folks. People in this country have become so bad, that they have to derive their own sense of identity through their coffee! Needless to say, i was perplexed at the concept that we’ve become that superficial.

Now, what’s more interesting than this is the fact that , if you want it, Starbucks will still sell you a simple cup of black coffee. There is, however, something interesting about this particular fact. Generally speaking, as I know most Starbucks aren’t identical, there is off to the side somewhere, a set of those old pump thermos containers filled with just plain old black coffee for those folks that either aren’t special enough, or ‘individual’ enough to stand in the long line, and be overcharged for a foofoo cup of mud. Starbucks marketing ploy is to keep you from going to these containers, because number one, they’re cheaper, and there’s no profit in that. So, they usually keep these things way off to one corner, and keep that area dimly lit so as to not attract people there. What is funny about this, is that the poor shlump that just simply wants a black cup of coffee is looked down upon by all the sheep in the long line for not being an “individual”………….ironic, isn’t it?

Another issue in these places is the food being offered……………..anybody notice that donuts are taboo? They have to offer an international fare so as to keep up with the idea that they have an influential, eclectic, group of clientele visiting their establishments. So, they serve up some ridiculously expensive, and horribly dry biscotti or something so that you’ll feel better about yourself because you’re “special”. Your wallet is lighter, but you’re special.

Finally, the last item that I noticed in these places are the superficial wingnuts that hang out there. They sit on the barstools at the windows, watching and looking down their noses at passersby, because they have an expensive, improperly sized, confusing cup of sugar and caffeine that helped define their individuality. I learned that even though I might be in the store, and have purchased something there, the fact that it’s simply a hot chocolate, makes me an uninteresting, uneducated, uninfluential clod. That’s fine with me, because I still have money left over for lunch folks.

The other type I have seen there is the actor. I saw one in D.C. and had to watch him for about an hour to verify my theory. He, was there to impress women………..or anyone else for that matter. He had some obscure book in his hands, and had had it open to the same page for the better part of 45 mintues. That’s right, folks, he wasn’t reading, he just wanted to LOOK as if he was. He sat there pouring over the page as if engaged in terribly deep thought, all the while hoping some errant female might be intrigued enough to approach him. His tactical error would be if she actually WAS intelligent, and asked him about the book, he’d sound like an idiot because he hadn’t actually READ the damn thing. So, needless to say…………pathetic. Besides, the practicality of reading in a coffeehouse is minimal, at best. It’s loud, obnoxious, and people are moving all over the place. This could explain why there still aren’t Starbucks in the libraries of our country…………ya think?

Anyway, I know this is quite the long rant, but since I haven’t been on in a while, I have apparently been building up to a lengthy one. I don’t mind coffee drinkers, actually I like the smell of coffee. I just can’t stand the fact that the people of this nation are so easily led to believe that they aren’t individual because of themselves, but rather that they have to have it defined for them by a retail establishment. We, as a people, are better than that, and could be again if we simply got to know each other, and quit worrying about what each other is drinking, wearing, driving, eating, so on, and so forth……………it used to be pretty important what other people thought and felt……………………a concept seemingly lost at times.

Alllllllllllllrighty then, I think I’ve blathered on quite long enough…….

(Note: This is authored by my dearest friend G, who resides outside of Seattle.  Yes, babe I’m giving credit where credit is due!!!)

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