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February 8, 2011

John W Davis, Retired Army Major, Current Registered Sexual Offender – Arrested

As I sit here eating my apple cinnamon oatmeal for breakfast, reflecting on the last few days, I have to say that I’m surprised with society, for the things that people are willing to accept as ok or the norm, mainly because they are unwilling to take action for reasons only known to them.

On February 2, 2011, John W. Davis, a registered sex offender, retired Army Major and alas a former neighbor of mine, was arrested for entering a Whittier, CA school, Los Altos Elementary school where he was “reading” to students.

The principal of the school is on record saying “The school does not do background checks on people who are only going to be on campus for a very short time, Mestanza-Rojas said.”* and from the same article also stating “I can assure everyone that the kids are safe,” Los Altos principal Martha Mestanza-Rojas said. “The Los Altos students have been safe at every point. And (Davis) will no longer be allowed on campus.” *

So I have to ask, isn’t this putting the cart before the horse? Sure lets allow a registered sex offender access to our children, even if it’s supervised and assume that they are as this principal puts it SAFE and then follow up with a statement about how safe our schools are when the offender is arrested. (Yes this is sarcasm for those of you who are having a moment)

Any school that is going to be proactive on caring for students is going to be one who is on top of those who are registered sex offenders in the area. We entrust our children’s safety and well being to schools and those in them and yet something like this screams that the system is failing. It takes two seconds for a person to log onto Megan’s Law site and run a name to see if someone is indeed listed as a local sex offender. Are schools so lax and complacent that they are unable to take a brief check of someone who is coming to “read” to the kids; and assume that anyone that has any contact with the kids will not cause them harm.

Now, let’s address the statements from Captain Pat Maxwell:

“There is a tremendous amount of public access to information on the Internet for parents and guardians to be proactive about the protection of their children. We encourage you to use it,” Captain Pat Maxwell said. **

“Often, suspects in child abuse cases gained access to their victims through positions of trust. Proactive parents and guardians are the best protection for any child.” **

He is correct there is a tremendous amount of information available to the pubic, however what he doesn’t go on to state when ordinary citizens call the appropriate authorities; regarding violations of registration and/or concerns for young children, they are listened to then nothing is done. Example: A phone call was made to the LASO Norwalk station regarding the fact that Mr. Davis had 2 young children, both boys living in his home, that he had been seen bouncing one child, dressed in little to nothing at all on his lap. Only to be told that there was nothing the Sheriffs could do regarding this, until he broke a law.

Hold up… let me get this right. Mr. Davis is a registered sex offender who was arrested and convicted of “lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age”*** and this man lives with minor boys under the age of 10, has been seen doing things that are inappropriate and the Sheriffs can’t or wont do anything?

I have to commend one of the mothers in the complex, upon finding out that her son was being watched by Mr. Davis and his past, she put in a call to her sons school and notified them regarding his status.  Mr. Davis was banned from the schools grounds.

Now some might ask, well Kat why wasn’t C.P.S. called. It was on numerous occasions, only once did a caseworker respond to a call, to which the response was a social worker came and spoke with Mr. Davis and his fiancée regarding the children. Let’s look at the reason the responded… because Mr. Davis’s fiancée failed to supervise the youngest child, at the time approx 3 years of age around a pool area. Again other than a stern talking to no other action was taken, so the question is raised… Did the system fail the students at Los Altos and the children living in the apartment complex of Mr. Davis… or did people just not care enough to pursuit things with this man further, until of course he was arrested because a deputy followed up after seeing Mr. Davis at the school then subsequently found him on a sex offenders site.

You decide…

Below you will find the links where quotes were pulled from along with the website for California’s registered sex offenders, along with the Map where you too can search out offenders in your area.

Have a wonderful day!

~Kat and the kids

Megans Law Site:

Search Out Offenders in Your area:

Links relating to where quotes were taken from:



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February 19, 2010

Tiger Woods Public Apology

This morning, as I was getting dressed for work, I had on Fox11 news. Instead of seeing the usual traffic jams and hearing the news of the morning, I was forced to watch a very public apology of a man to his wife, family, friends, the general public and sponsors, for his marital infidelities.

I had to ask myself what kind of society are we need to watch something that is so personal between a man and his wife, that he feels compelled to explain himself, in such a public forum, to those who aren’t in the marriage between he and his wife.

I will agree, Tiger had an issue with keeping his pants zipped up, but what we don’t know is what went on between Tiger and his wife, nor should we care. Society has a way of putting “superstars” of sports, TV and film upon pedestals; this is a recipe for failure. When society forgets that the person they put upon the pedestal is only human like we are, they might be graced with exceptional sports, acting, writing or other abilities, but that doesn’t mean that they cease to be human as well. What makes Tiger different from the average Joe is his abilities to play golf and market himself?

I agree, he did owe his wife an apology, did he owe his sponsors one, well that would only be a yes, if he’s deliberately marketed himself to them as a man as pure as the driven snow and that he’s perfect, without any of the usual human failings. Did he owe the public at large an “I’m sorry for cheating on my wife.” in my opinion NO. Charles Barkley said it clearly and I agree with him, He’s no role model that should be the parents’ job, not the job of someone who is a “Star”

Society needs to remember that Tiger is just as human as the next person, I don’t see every cheating husband or wife hopping on the TV to apologize to the world at large for their indiscretions, if that happened, good god we’d be watching some really boring TV.

I hope that Tiger and his wife do what is best for them without consideration for anyone else but their children.

Best of luck to both!

Kat and the kids

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August 28, 2009

Issues with a Geico Insurance Supervisor

You know it’s funny. When we take a job as a ‘worker bee’ for a large company there are certain expectations, that we as workers are afforded;

1. That we will be allowed do to our job without interference from supervisors who feel they should share their personal lives with us.

2. That our decisions, be it good or bad, will be reviewed by the company.

3. That we have the right to go to the proverbial bat for our policy holders.

4. That we won’t be singled out by a supervisor because we chose not to share our personal life with them.

Now, before you wonder if this is in regards to me, I have to say no its not. This would be a little blog about how a certain Geico Supervisor on the East Coast, has the ability and wear with all to harass, harangue and in general make life miserable at work for a certain male, yes I said MALE employee.

It seems that she feels it’s ok to corner him at work to discuss her sons issues with his penis, her mother in laws incontinent issues and more. Now when this male employee doesn’t chose to share his personal life with said supervisor, she feels well within her power to make his work life a living hell.

Now let me ask you. Is this considered sexual harassment in Geico’s book? Apparently not, as he was pulled into a room with two other supervisors to be told that he is considered a substandard employee for NOT being willing to discuss his personal life.

Why the blog you might ask? Because this employee feels that if he escalates his issue with this supervisor, he will be put in a situation that he doesn’t wish to be in… i.e. moved to another department or another job or worse yet fired.

Lets think about this. Over the years, women are conditioned to register a complaint with the human resource department, when they feel they are being harassed at their work place. We are also conditioned to submit complaints when we feel we are working in a hostile work environment, however let a male do this and what happens… his issues are swept under the rug because he’s a guy and we all know men shouldn’t have this issue.

Honestly, I feel this is quite unfair for the employee who is just doing his job. He gets up every morning, goes to work, healthy or sick, not to mention he was so sick recently and while his boss took a mental health day, he was encouraged to not leave work to deal with this virus and proceeded to spread it through the office, thereby costing the company several employees, who were allowed to take legitimate days off for being ill.

Sad to say that this supervisor is akin to an office Hitler and that doesn’t bode well for Geicos bottom line. It leaves them open for a potential lawsuit, this employee open for continual harassment and at the end of the day a bad taste in the mouths of those who feel that Geico is a company that does not support it’s employees.

Is this really the type of company who we’d want to insure our vehicles, homes and other items?

I wish this ‘worker bee’ the best of luck with his situation, as we all can attest that one bad supervisor can spoil the working environment for all.

Here is to hoping that Geico will actually step up and sort this issue out for this gentleman.

Have a wonderful friday!

~Kat and the Kids

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