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November 13, 2016

Lessons on Elections.. from our one and only G!

Because I haven’t provided you one of these in some time……..

Well, and because my anger levels have come back to red-line lately, this is directed at those that have decided that our laws only matter when it suits them! I have now heard that there is a petition out and floating around now to supposedly remove Trump from office, and install Mrs. Clinton as President on December 19th. 

Let me say this is a ridiculous concept.  The election went without so much as a hitch, no broken machines, no ‘hanging chads’, and no drama. Trump was elected, to the chagrin of many, and to the elation of just as many. Were this reversed, and this sort of “petition” was formed for Trump, you’d be screaming about how that’s not appropriate, ludicrous, etc.. Why do the rules of election law, and the electoral college mean nothing when your horse doesn’t win?  Oh, and one other thing, Hillary Clinton already conceded the race, so why can’t you take the lead from your candidate, and accept it with some modicum of grace, as she has? Yes, I’m sure Trump may have made outlandish claims if he had lost, but that isn’t how things went, but it does NOT, in any way, shape, or form, mean that the disgruntled among us get to IGNORE the laws of their country, simply because they didn’t get their way!!! That is how a 5 year old behaves. That is why millennials are getting free hot chocolate, service dogs to pet, ‘get out of class’ passes, cancellation of tests, and even Play Doh and crayons at colleges across the country right now, to deal with the ‘stress’ of having lost. Why not just muster some personal fortitude and accept it, and try to move on with some degree of dignity, instead of some sort of collective tantrum? This is what we get for raising a generation of self-entitled, self-important, whiny children, who don’t know what it’s like to lose, because they got ‘participation trophies’ their whole lives for merely having a pulse!

I didn’t see any of this sort of behavior when Obama won in 2008, and it did appear that there were a LOT of people that didn’t like that decision either, but I didn’t see any petitions put forward in an irresponsible effort to circumvent our electoral system. We live in a democratic republic, folks, NOT the Democrat’s playhouse! We’re supposed to be a nation of laws, and throwing a fit every time you don’t get your way isn’t how things are done in a civilized society.

Now, those of you that think I’m pro-Trump from this, are mistaken and those of you that think I’m pro-Hillary, are just as mistaken. They were both truly terrible choices for a commander in chief, for completely different reasons, but still lousy, nonetheless. What we should ALL take away from this, is that regardless of which of these two won, we’re stuck with a crappy solution.

What this provides to ALL of us, however, is an opportunity over the next four years to find a candidate that is not only qualified for the job, but is worthy of it! Neither choice this year was.  Let’s face facts, but this in no way means it’s ok to just toss our system of laws and government aside because we don’t like how things are. You have a representative government that is supposed to represent your wishes as a collective group. If they DON’T, you VOTE them out! You do NOT petition them out, and for the love of Pete, you sure as hell don’t protest them out, that’s what anarchy is, folks. To simplify, the petition was already submitted, and Trump’s side benefited from it. It was called an election, the biggest petition we have. Calling it a “petition” in the name of a new election is nonsense! Using a petition, and intentionally ignoring those that voted in a way you don’t agree with, violates THEIR constitutional rights! Did anyone that came up with this petition ever consider THAT? I’m sure they didn’t, as the rights of Trump supporters aren’t important right now, are they? Were this reversed, you’d want your vote to count just as much, so this ‘petition’ is an insult to the way our government was formed, and continues to function. Perhaps I should put this another way… you can sign your ‘petition’, but you have to wait 4 years to do so, as that is what our LAWS proscribe.

Thus endeth the lesson.

~Contributed by G

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June 29, 2012

The drive to create … inspired by the people in my world!

Inspiration comes from many places, in my case it came from my family, friends and complete strangers.

My mom, wears with great pride, the custom appliqued sweatshirts I’ve been creating for her for years now.    Being asked by friends and strangers alike… “Where did you find that sweatshirt?” Her response was always the same… “My daughter makes them and sells them.”  Ocean Breeze Boutique was born.

Having five nephews and nieces, I find that I create with them in mind.  The boys love taggies and “Boy” inspired things, ala planes, trains, pirates and automobiles, while my oldest niece, who is a six year old “Fashionista”, forte is anything pink or dresses, bows, skinny jeans and anything her Auntie creates for her to wear.  My youngest niece rocks the latest in bows and cute outfits designed to show off her girlie side newborn style!

I always enjoy doing small boutique shows, talking to customers, who often times, come up and ask if I can make this or that.   Their ideas are refreshing and help to keep my finger on the pulse of what people want, need and desire in functional crafts.

Looking at my fabric and ribbon piles, I marvel at the possibilities to create, is today a bib day? Fancy pants? Bows? I never know what I’ll be making next as a phone call from a certain set of children can change my direction in the blink of an eye.

I look forward to creating fun, fashionable and functional items for you and your love ones to enjoy!

So when you have a moment… Swing by the new shop located here Ocean Breeze Boutique and take a look around!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Kat and the Kids!

March 27, 2012

Supreme Court’s Recent Decision to Revoke Law Enforcement’s Ability to Utilize GPS Trackers Without a Warrant

Once again our favorite guest blogger has the floor… G’s response regarding this issue …

I was responding to the comments
regarding the Supreme Court’s recent decision to revoke law
enforcement’s ability to utilize GPS trackers without a warrant. Seems
most people immediately jumped on the (cops are breaking the
law!!!….fire them!!!) bandwagon, and didn’t really consider anything
beyond that ridiculously shallow mindset. So, my response is as

I think what people here are failing to realize is that the FBI (and
other agencies) didn’t overtly do anything wrong. Due to passed
legislation like the Patriot Act, federal agencies were allowed to
utilize tracking devices without a warrant.

Also, before using a tracking device, it’s probably common practice to have an Assistant
United States Attorney providing guidance as to whether it’s
appropriate or not.  So, these agencies like the FBI have acted with
guidance from the United States Attorney’s Office, which is the
appropriate thing to do.

The United States Attorney is nominated by the
President, and confirmed by the Senate, but once appointed, can act at
the behest of the President. The President is supposed to act on behalf
of his constituency, which is the people (ALL of the people).  So, if
you want cops, you’re going to have to provide them with some
power….it’s just a fact of life. If, however, their power becomes
overreaching like the Supreme Court has found, then that power gets
limited.  It’s the natural ebb and flow of the the collective mindset of
the country that is happening here. I’m willing to bet that the
complaints about “big government”, and law enforcement were far fewer
within a year of 9/11, but now that that has become somewhat removed by
time, people have started to shift the other way again in favor of
curtailing what the government is able to do.

To claim that it’s all the ‘government’s fault’ is silly……the government is empowered by
those you elect. The Patriot Act didn’t get enacted by some magic
being…….it got enacted by your representative government. The
public gave the power to congress to pass that act, so if it’s anyone’s
fault for that piece of legislation to exist, it’s ours (the public) in
a majority sort of context. So, if the public elects politicians that
enact silly laws, be they conservatively silly or liberally silly, then
it’s the public’s fault for putting people in power that would do such
a thing.

You don’t like how things are going?  You use your voice in an
official capacity by voting, and contacting your congressman. If they
act as they should (which is questionable nowadays, regardless of what
side of the aisle we’re talking about), they would act on behalf of
what their constituency would want, and hopefully would pass more
intelligent legislation.

The point is simple……if the laws are silly, then the public allowed silly people into office to make silly
laws…..which means the public is silly by association. The government
is made from people, who are hired either directly or indirectly by
appointed officials, who were appointed by elected officials, who were
elected by the public.

So, guess what……..the government is YOU.  I
know none of us want to admit that when things aren’t going well, but
it’s just the way it is, folks. You vote emotionally, you get emotional
based results….you vote fiscally, you get money based results…
vote angrily, you get over reactive results……you vote
intelligently?……well, I’m sure you can fill in the rest.

~This is the G we know and love… and as always he’s right on point!

Have a wonderful week

Kat and the Kids

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