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April 5, 2008

The Recipe Box

Growing up, whenever we took a family trip somewhere for the day, we girls would ask my dad “Can we go to McDonalds?” Dad had a standard answer that we dreaded, “We’re going to my favorite restaurant” he’d reply. You’d hear a collective groan from the lot of us and sometimes even my mother, because we all knew that Dad’s favorite restaurant was home to a meal he’d cook.

Now as an adult, I appreciate the multitude of reasons why we ate at home. The biggest being cost factor, my parents could feed a family of five for a lot less than it would cost to take the whole passel of us out to drive thru or a sit down restaurant, the other deciding factor was the food that Dad and sometimes Mom cooked was so much healthier for us.

So as I was cooking dinner the other night a thought struck me. I keep calling friends and family for various recipes that I love. So I’ve decided to just add a link to my blog called “The Recipe Box”.

I’ve included some of my favorites along with others that have been sent to me over the years. I know that cooking for ones self while it might seem like a chore, it’s so much better for you and more cost effective to.

I hope that you take sometime to enjoy some one on one time with your kitchen trying out the various recipes that I’ve posted.

If you have something you’d like to share please email it to me, I’ll give it a whirl and post it!

Happy Cooking


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April 3, 2008 is undergoing some needed updates with our software and assorted items. You might notice that there are a few flaws in past posts, I will be going back to fix them as I have time to do so.

Please bear with me while I continue to bring you fun, exciting and thought provoking postings. You are welcome to use each posts comment section, email or snail mail me with your thoughts on the various items I’ve posted about.

Thank you for your patience and continued reading!


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March 31, 2008

Common courtesy seems to be something of our past.

People have allowed common courtesy to go out the window, with the advent of the belief that “I’m more important than you are”,

Things like young people not standing up on a bus to allow the aged to sit down, to driving down the freeway and being cut off by someone who absolutely must be in front of you just in case they can get to where they are going a few seconds faster.

Ever sit at a traffic light and have someone’s car thumping so loud from a sub woofer that your car shakes? They too must be much more important that you since they feel you need to listen to their music.  Oh and my favorite the people who stand there engaging in a cell phone call talking so loudly that you can hear everything they are talking about, from ex’s to sex and so on.  People we don’t want to hear your calls, that’s your business not ours.

If we all actually took a step back and thought about how our actions effect others we’d remind ourselves that common courtesy isn’t something we should let go by the way side. Take a moment to think about what you do and how it affects those around you.  Being courteous takes so little effort, so give it a try!

Have a great day!


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