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May 8, 2008

Kat and Her Masculine Side

So I have to admit that this week I have been very in touch with my proverbial masculine side. I’ve spent just over a year researching, looking at, talking to friends about, pricing and dreaming about buying a LCD TV. Well I finally did it.

I called my neighbor Bill and asked if I could borrow his truck to haul it home for me, I also think I needed him along to make sure I was thinking clearly about this major purchase. Little did I realize that my ‘male’ side would pop out front and center in the store. I had decided on the brand and was still in the air on the size, my internal debate was between the merits of a 32” and a 37”. Poor Bill bore the brunt of my indecisiveness. I stood him in front of the 37” television and said well what do you think, when he replied that he liked it, I moved him over an isle in the store and said how does the picture look from here, next thing you know we’re half way across the store, looking at the television and I’m quite sure to the amusement of the folks who where selling it to me, said to him Bill look how clear it is from all the way over here. Bill replied that it was and that my living room wasn’t as big as the store so if I was happy with a 37” then I should buy it.

When we got the television home, Bill, thankfully stuck around and helped me unpack it, set it up and run through the screen features that set all the colors, sound and other dohickies that still remain a mystery to me, he then said, we have one more test, pop in that movie you bought and lets see how clear it is. It was at this point that I realized, my male side came out in the buying of this television, a 32” was still five inches larger than my old standard tube set and would have sufficed but 37” was bigger and therefore better, or so my male mind set told me. I looked at Bill and my neighbor Naomi, who had wondered over to see what the fuss was about and asked; Ok did my man side come out? Would the 32” have been just fine? I wasn’t surprised when they said in unison, “YES”.

So you would think that would be the end of my male side, but no there is more, the next day at work I was talking with my secretary and casually mentioned that I might just buy a PSP3, she said not a Wii? Once my male side popped up, before I realized what it was doing I was logged onto eBay and bidding on a Wii, then not to be finished there I searched out a few accessories for it.

Now, here I am eagerly tracking the shipment of my Wii on, it should arrive Monday and you better believe that I will be hooking it up with the HD cable set thingy I bought in eBay and gaming like never before.

So as you can see girls, it’s not wrong to be in touch with your masculine side now and again as long as you can control the impulse for “Bigger must be better” and yes I know that’s nearly impossible to do!

To Wii or not to Wii that is the question, but to Wii in High Definition, that just makes the male side of this Kat drool!

Have a great one!


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April 16, 2008

Rising Cost of Gasoline

We as Americans have been spoiled. For years we’ve given no thought to driving huge vehicles that consume vast amounts of gasoline in comparison to the miles we achieve from each gallon of gas we pump into our tanks. Now as gas prices steadily climb upwards to the 4 dollar mark and even higher, we are having heart failure over the prices we are paying at the pump.

With OPEC choosing not to open more wells to satisfy our need for more fuel, we are left with a few choices, one: downsize our vehicle to one that is more fuel efficient, two: utilize public transportation, or three: suck it up and pay the exorbitant cost per gallon of gas that we’re being hit with at the pump.

I chose option one, driving what I often call my grocery car, a little Toyota Tercel, I’m able to eek out about 35 mpg city and 40 mpg on the hwy. I commute less than 8 miles each way to work and try not to drive often on weekends, which will allow me to stretch a tank of gas often times for two or three weeks.

In a conversation with a dear friend in the U.K., we were discussing gasoline prices, petrol for you brits, at the time when we did the math they were paying the equivalent of 8 dollars per gallon, it’s no wonder they drive tiny cars, take public modes of transpiration and even on occasion feel the need to hoof it. I would too if I had to pay that kind of money for gas.

I think its fool hearty of us to believe that gas prices will go down. I remember when I paid 99 cents for a gallon of gas in 1987, I thought that it was expensive then, as prices have risen while they might dip back down for a few months they go back up, in effect lining the pockets of the gas companies, those they lobby and those they buy the raw crude from.

It’s time for us as a nation to stop whining about the prices of gasoline and start taking the steps to finding and utilizing alternative fuel sources, lets give the auto makers a reason to build and market vehicles that will in the long run only benefit us as individuals.

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April 9, 2008

Grand Jury Report of the Orange County Jail System

After reading the Grand Juries report on the Orange County Jail system, I sit back and wonder why that the issues the Orange County Sheriffs Office are facing were not dealt with as they happened. Why did it take the unfortunate death of a prisoner and the subsequent grand jury findings to bring to light the major issues that are happening within this jail system? Why was this not handled by the interim Sheriff LONG before it got to the point where he is now doing damage control and trying to explain his lack of action. I believe that putting people on administrative leave was a knee jerk reaction and in response to the Grand Jury’s findings. It’s just too little to late. It should never have taken the death of someone to spur the interim Sheriff into action, for that I say Shame on you Interim Sheriff Anderson, for not listening to your deputies, and opening your eyes beyond what you chose to see.

In each jail they have an administrative staff, who are responsible for overseeing the jails operations. So I have to ask why is it that when someone voices a concern, the administration will shelve the issue and not address and correct it at the time. With the Grand Jury finding that deputies are using their time to chat online, text message, sleep and watch television while not doing their job and putting both other guards and prisoners at risk, why is it the jail administrators have not reprimanded those who are not doing their jobs? You can not tell me that there have not been deputies who have voiced concerns with the jail system, only to be reprimanded or transferred because the administrators of a particular jail do not want to face the facts, perhaps the administrators should stop burring their heads in the preverbal sand, they should listen to those who are walking the jail beat, otherwise how can they have a true vision of what is going on down in the jail trenches.

When you work in the private sector, if you are found misusing the companies’ funds, equipment, or sleeping while you should be working, you are sure to find yourself OUT of a job. Then why is it ok for those deputies to be as we would term it LAZY. Is it because they feel that due to their time on they should be allowed to sit back and just collect a paycheck? The sad thing is those who are being lazy and not doing their jobs just don’t care, they are getting paid and that’s all that matters. It gives those deputies who do work hard at their jobs a bad name and reputation. People this is your tax dollar at work.

It was common knowledge through the law enforcement community that the former Sheriff Mike Carona was a substandard sheriff, with little or no regard for those who worked under him to uphold the law. It’s also well known that Interim Sheriff Anderson was one of Former Sheriff Carona’s “Golden Children”, a hand picked lackey put into place because he did his job by being a yes man. Now that Carona is no longer Sheriff, the interim Sheriff has his plate full, hopefully he will become proactive and face the issues at hand instead of letting them fester to the point where another person is hurt.

IF you want change then it should start from the top with someone who actually listens to what the people in his department are saying, someone who will be proactive in his approach of dealing with the jail system. Yes we all know change takes time, but the question then is how many more have to die before the interim sheriff actually steps up, stepping up when the cameras are on does no one any good nor does it bring back the lives lost in the jails that ultimately he is responsible for.

A new fulltime sheriff would be a good beginning, change will not happen until something is done there. The interim Sheriff can talk tough to the media all he want, he can try and establish policies, but those who work under him will not take as much heed to changes made as they would to someone who’s going to be with them long term.

In the orange county register I was reading through an article regarding the death of inmate at the Santa Ana jail and was surprised to see the reporter compare the Orange County Jail System with that of the Los Angeles County Jail System. No jail system is free of flaws, however it’s the handling of issues and the willingness to see what is going on by the upper echelon that makes a jail system what it is. It is regretful that people have to lose their lives in jail, however while we hear what the news has to say about the current situation, where were they as trouble happened, did they report it or do they just sit back, only to glamorize and sensationalize the current going ons.

I agree that there needs to be change in the Orange County Jail System, but instead of punishing those who actually care about their jobs and the welfare of the prisoners they deal with daily, administration should listen when deputies voice their concerns to superiors and address them, not sweep them under the rug until such time as something as sad as a death occurs. Until those who are running the jail system, actually do their job, there will be no change in sight.

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