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March 13, 2015

Kats rapper name is fitting no?!?

Good morning world….

Imagine my surprise, I logged into Facebook only to see the following game posted by my fellow chatters.

What is your Rapper Name?

What is your Rapper Name?

So not to be outdone by millions of others… I took the plunge.  My birthday is August 24 (we will forgo the year)  August is Baby, and the 24th is Kat….

Result: Baby Kat

Fitting NO?!? Love it!

On that note it’s “Spring Break” time for us weary college students, time to kick loose and enjoy some amazing downtime.  Pictures to come later! Maybe! hehehe

Have an amazing weekend 🙂

Kat and the Kids

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August 2, 2014

Water Heater Woas……

Here I was minding my own business, last Sunday morning.  I turned on my shower to heat up the water and to my surprise it NEVER heated up.

Yes, you guessed it…  The beast decided to take the day off – FOREVER!

So being the practical kind of girl that I am, I called my home warranty people, scheduled an appointment for their plumber to come out.  That should do me right? WRONG!

After talking with the service tech aka the Plumber guy, I found out that while my home warranty will cover the water heater, the install, the haul away and even the earth quake straps, I was going to be out an additional 320 dollar for “Modifications”.  Talk about sticker shock, here I am thinking sure I’m covered for the complete install, only to find out not so fast!

So yesterday, as I’m still showering in tepid water, I made some calls… Warranty people first, then my reliable plumber Joshua’s Plumbing, who is amazing if you live in so cal and need a fantastic plumber who won’t screw you over.  and then made my decision.  I took the cash out option, so I could have Josh install the new water heater.  When all is said and done it will cost me $40.00 more to have Josh do the work than some plumbing outfit I don’t know, but I know that having it done by Josh means it will be done right!

So come this Sunday… hot water will be MINE!

In the mean time … it’s time to get cracking on homework, only one more week till finals for summer semester.  YAHOOOOIE!

Have an amazing weekend!

Kat and the Kids

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November 12, 2012

Going back to Basics

Growing up my parents always cooked from scratch, while we kids craved McDonalds, Taco Bell and other such places, Dad always loved his favorite restaurant “HOME”. Overtime, eating out, eating from boxes and such has resulted in a weight gain, poor health and a lack of variety in my diet. I have learned, as I’ve been cooking at home, that fresh is always better, I am always feeling full and I’m eating less, but my body is getting what it needs to run efficiently and the bonus I am saving money!

I have been taking the time to get back to basics, eating more veggies, fruits, whole foods such as beans, rice and good proteins, such as chicken, pork and even beef. You would think it takes a lot more time to cook this way, but I’ve found to my surprise, the time it takes is nominal for the benefits you reap.

I started with making homemade butter. We all know that butter can run you $7.00 a pound in the store, but imagine spending 4.95 for a pint of heavy whipping cream, putting it into your kitchen aid mixer and twenty minutes later you have a pound of butter and a pint of buttermilk. Amazing you say? I say it’s true.

I’m now graduating into cooking my own beans, bread will come at some point but until then, I will continue down this path and see where it takes me.

For now here is a little help on the first thing I’ve learned.

How to make Butter at home for pennies on the dollar.


  • Heavy Whipping Cream (pint or quart)
  • Mixer with paddle attachment
  • Water
  • Foil
  • 20 minutes of time.


Line your mixing bowl with foil (fancy splash guard I know)


Pour in your Cream

Turn mixer onto medium and let it roll. (Now it’s time to do your dishes or such while you wait for the magic to happen)

As you listen to your mixer sloshing around slowly starting to beat the cream you will hear a sloshing sound of liquid being beat into submission.

It will get quiet on you as the cream forms into whipping cream, at this point, you will want to stop the machine and scrape the sides then you can turn the mixer to medium high and let it get rolling again.

If you start watching it you will see the whipping cream become incredibly stiff like in texture, then suddenly it will start falling in on itself, as the mixer keeps working you will not only see but hear what they call “breaking the butter” which is when the butter fat separates from the liquid.

You will start hearing a sloshing sound as the butter pulls into a big ball and the liquid continues to separate out. Stop the machine and pour off the liquid into a cup. Yes folks this is REAL Buttermilk and a great bonus to making butter.

I usually run the machine again a bit longer and force out some more liquid before the next step.

Once you have a nice sized ball of butter in the bottom of your bowl and you’ve poured off your buttermilk, take it over to the sink. Using either tap water (if you have good water) or filtered water (if not), take care to make sure the water is cold, pour some water into the bowl and kneed your butter like it’s bread. This will clean the butter of any excess liquid that will turn your butter rancid. Do this until the water is running clear.

Now you can package up your butter into blocks or in Tupperware or a butter bell and tada Fresh Homemade butter and Buttermilk for less than a pound of butter.

You can now freeze some of this butter so you have it for a length of time.

Note: you will smell when this butter goes bad as it has no preservatives.

More things to come.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Kat and the Kids!

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