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March 13, 2015

Kats rapper name is fitting no?!?

Good morning world….

Imagine my surprise, I logged into Facebook only to see the following game posted by my fellow chatters.

What is your Rapper Name?

What is your Rapper Name?

So not to be outdone by millions of others… I took the plunge.  My birthday is August 24 (we will forgo the year)  August is Baby, and the 24th is Kat….

Result: Baby Kat

Fitting NO?!? Love it!

On that note it’s “Spring Break” time for us weary college students, time to kick loose and enjoy some amazing downtime.  Pictures to come later! Maybe! hehehe

Have an amazing weekend 🙂

Kat and the Kids

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June 29, 2012

The drive to create … inspired by the people in my world!

Inspiration comes from many places, in my case it came from my family, friends and complete strangers.

My mom, wears with great pride, the custom appliqued sweatshirts I’ve been creating for her for years now.    Being asked by friends and strangers alike… “Where did you find that sweatshirt?” Her response was always the same… “My daughter makes them and sells them.”  Ocean Breeze Boutique was born.

Having five nephews and nieces, I find that I create with them in mind.  The boys love taggies and “Boy” inspired things, ala planes, trains, pirates and automobiles, while my oldest niece, who is a six year old “Fashionista”, forte is anything pink or dresses, bows, skinny jeans and anything her Auntie creates for her to wear.  My youngest niece rocks the latest in bows and cute outfits designed to show off her girlie side newborn style!

I always enjoy doing small boutique shows, talking to customers, who often times, come up and ask if I can make this or that.   Their ideas are refreshing and help to keep my finger on the pulse of what people want, need and desire in functional crafts.

Looking at my fabric and ribbon piles, I marvel at the possibilities to create, is today a bib day? Fancy pants? Bows? I never know what I’ll be making next as a phone call from a certain set of children can change my direction in the blink of an eye.

I look forward to creating fun, fashionable and functional items for you and your love ones to enjoy!

So when you have a moment… Swing by the new shop located here Ocean Breeze Boutique and take a look around!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Kat and the Kids!

April 20, 2011

A Night Like This

Every so often I run across a song that I just have to share with everyone. Caro Emerald, a dutch jazz singer, came out with a song that has me out of my chair dancing around the office.


~Kat & the kids!

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