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December 16, 2010

Good Sportsman Ship Not Shown By Jets Assistant Coach

It’s disheartening to see an assistant coach on the sidelines of the New York Jets, show such poor judgment and even worse poor sportsmanship. I know as fans, we want our teams to win the games they play, but do we really want them to win playing dirty or having misguided coaches, making dirty plays such as the below (see the video),  throwing a knee into a player from the other team?

What does he gain from this? Perhaps he injures the player and takes him out of the game, if he gets caught (which he did on video no less) he could lose his ability to coach anywhere and what kind of example does he give to not only his players but those fans watching the game… That the New York Jets only care about winning, even if that means breaking the rules.

I’m quite sure at the time this happened, the coach in question did not think it all out, had he, I would hope that he wouldn’t have chosen to make a decision that in the end impacted more than I’m sure he ever intended.

Growing up, I played several team sports; soccer, basketball, soft ball and a few others. Competitive soccer was my thing. After graduating from high school, I then took time to coach a couple of club level soccer teams.

Good Sportsmanship was something that was preached by coaches, pushed by parents and made those who played the sport feel good. We didn’t have to win at all costs, nothing was better than to win a game because the team and each individual on the team played to the best of their ability. We players lived and breathed this belief and took pride in doing our best win or lose.

Good sportsmanship is something to take pride in.  It’s something that we teach our children and expect of any player in any sport be the player an amateur or professions.

Win or Lose it’s how we played that game that in the end really matters.

Kat & Kids

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