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April 19, 2010

Success comes in five pound increments!

Success comes in five pound increments!

Having decided to lose this fluffy exterior that made me feel like the Pillsbury dough girl, I decided the best way to go for me is to turn weight loss into a game. After joining a big loser club better known as Weight Watchers, yes I am proud to be a Loser!, I set about a way to consider myself successful. The only way this is going to work for me, seeing as I have a short attention span and am easily overwhelmed, is to shed five pounds at a time and I must admit it’s working well; just about the time I am getting bored, I hit the five pound mark and bamo it’s another game for me. The next five are just around the corner!

I had to chuckle at my last meeting, our leader was recounting the latest reports about losing weight, saying that those who track their food intake are more apt to take off weight and keep it off. Thing is, weight watchers has been saying that for years and years.

Seems that those who have battled the bulge know for certain how it’s done, not that we all practice it with regularity. I have come to realize that I am not perfect, that I am going to do things that I might go GAH why did I eat that, but if I track it then I can look in the mirror and say to myself… GAH I ate that, then be done with the guilt and move on. I refuse to use self guilt as a reason to not get this done!

Even with eating out this last couple of weeks while my favorite Aussie family were visiting the states, I’ve managed to still lose weight by being careful and tracking what goes into my mouth! They say if you the LNB (licks, nibbles and bites) will do you in. So you put it down and amazing you don’t seem so inclined to say, “ooh just one bite won’t hurt me”

Remember, the only one who can lose the weight is you!!!

Weigh in is tonight … I’ll do the weight update as an edit after the meeting!

That’s it for now

Signed one fluffy girl better known as

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