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March 31, 2010

Tales of a Fluffy Girl Going Thin

The longer I’m doing Weight Watchers the more I’m realizing that it’s not as complicated as some might think. As a foodie, I can appreciate the fact that they aren’t telling me what I can and can not eat, I’m doing that on my own. Expense wise, if you consider the fact that most of the other “diet” plans out there require you to buy their food PLUS veggies and other items they don’t supply, you actually save money with Weight Watchers, while learning how to eat for life.

I’ve been reading a book called “You Are What You Eat” by Dr. Gillian McKeith, in the book she basically tells you the same things I’m learning through WW. She is a big proponent of the home made smoothie; you sip your way thin while enjoying all the health benefits of the nutrients of the fresh fruits, veggies and juice used to make them. Something about a nice chilled smoothie on a warm day just makes everything right in the world!

One of the many things she states is this happy formula, Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Queen and Dinner like a Pauper. Amazing but true, you wake up with energy, you maintain that energy during the day with your light snacks and then you eat a light meal so your body isn’t weighed down by a heavy dinner.

After a month following WW, making my meetings and being honest with myself about what choices I’m making… I’m finding that I need to buy suspenders for my pants!

To date I am down 11.2 pounds!!! YAY Me!

If your thinking it’s that time for you to shed a few pounds, think about becoming a big loser too!! Remember we can lose weight if we keep it to 5 pounds at a time. Weight loss is not impossible unless we chose to make it so!

Have a fabulous hump day! You’ll see less of me in my next posting!


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