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February 19, 2010

Tiger Woods Public Apology

This morning, as I was getting dressed for work, I had on Fox11 news. Instead of seeing the usual traffic jams and hearing the news of the morning, I was forced to watch a very public apology of a man to his wife, family, friends, the general public and sponsors, for his marital infidelities.

I had to ask myself what kind of society are we need to watch something that is so personal between a man and his wife, that he feels compelled to explain himself, in such a public forum, to those who aren’t in the marriage between he and his wife.

I will agree, Tiger had an issue with keeping his pants zipped up, but what we don’t know is what went on between Tiger and his wife, nor should we care. Society has a way of putting “superstars” of sports, TV and film upon pedestals; this is a recipe for failure. When society forgets that the person they put upon the pedestal is only human like we are, they might be graced with exceptional sports, acting, writing or other abilities, but that doesn’t mean that they cease to be human as well. What makes Tiger different from the average Joe is his abilities to play golf and market himself?

I agree, he did owe his wife an apology, did he owe his sponsors one, well that would only be a yes, if he’s deliberately marketed himself to them as a man as pure as the driven snow and that he’s perfect, without any of the usual human failings. Did he owe the public at large an “I’m sorry for cheating on my wife.” in my opinion NO. Charles Barkley said it clearly and I agree with him, He’s no role model that should be the parents’ job, not the job of someone who is a “Star”

Society needs to remember that Tiger is just as human as the next person, I don’t see every cheating husband or wife hopping on the TV to apologize to the world at large for their indiscretions, if that happened, good god we’d be watching some really boring TV.

I hope that Tiger and his wife do what is best for them without consideration for anyone else but their children.

Best of luck to both!

Kat and the kids

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February 8, 2010

Control issue…

Sometimes, I get so wrapped up in what I am doing that I don’t stop to ask for help for a plethora of reasons… such as I don’t want to sit there and explain something that would take me longer to explain than do myself, the idea that I might have is taken over by someone else and after they add their spin on it it’s not longer the idea I had in the first place…

My mom told me a story once. She had this vision about how she wanted her kitchen remodeled. She researched it, she designed it. When she sat down and showed my father the kitchen plan she wanted, he proceeded to tell her no you don’t want that you want this. As she said to him, “How do you know I want that, I’m showing you what I want, good, bad or ugly this is what I want. What you are stating is this is what YOU want. In the end she gave up her vision of her perfect kitchen. The remodel was done and she likes it ok, but in the end it’s still not what she wanted in the first place.

I’ve always felt that if you have a vision, while you might inspire someone to follow you with that vision, but while most people might come along for the ride and help out, at the end of the day, the one who wants to make a vision reality is the person whose vision it is.

Perhaps I have a little bit of a control issue…

Food for thought…

Have a happy Monday!

Kat & the Kids

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