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January 6, 2010

Keeping up the Resolutions!

In the spirit of trying to keep my new years resolutions up and going, I’ve knuckled down and re-logged into a site I’ve known about for years., is a free food tracking site and I must say it’s wonderful. I first discovered it way back in 2001 and have used it off and on over the past 8 years, now the only kicker is to actually LOG in and USE IT.

I tried doing the no caffeine thing, but I’m finding that being a coffee drinker, you take my caffeine away and I’m difficult at best to live with… ask the kids! So today I broke down and had a cuppa joe, only to find out what the caloric count was. So… I’m going to learn to make due with one cup a day.

Last night I actually took a night off to sleep, which for most would be nothing but to me, that’s a huge accomplishment. I couldn’t focus on the screen, so I took my happy self to bed at 11pm and lasted until 5am when I woke up thinking I had over slept. I will get this sleep thing down soon!

Outside of that… this New Year is shaping up slowly. I have various trips planned to see friends and family over the next 6 months. I’ll keep you posted!

Now, I’m going to finish savoring this cuppa joe and get back to work!

Happy Hump Day Y’all

Kat and the Kids!

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