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April 23, 2009

It’s a Small World After All (thanks to the Internet)

It’s funny how small the internet has made this big world of ours. Thirty years ago we were just hearing bout the Atari game system for our televisions. Man did we think we were cool with our space invaders and asteroids, the kids today look at the classic game and scoff at the simplistic nature of the games. Our first ‘personal’ computer was a commodore 64, coupled with a black and white t.v. and a huge phone modem we could log onto bulletin boards. Yes, little ones even back then we had some cool points.

Now we have super computers encased in little boxes, we surf the electronic wave known as the world wide web (www) and frequent sites such as Facebook, MySpace and chat sites. On occasion we run into people that we actually know or whom know someone who knows someone who went to school with someone we knew or know.

Friends and family move half a world away and shoot off an email to give you their new email address so we can ‘keep in touch” our best friend no longer is the next door neighbor, but now might be 3,000 miles away in another state or even country.

When we catch up we do so in a quick fashion, glossing over the trails and tribulations of life to share our glory moments, from marriages and births to the passing of friends and family.

Sometimes I miss the relative anonymity that came with moving and not being found unless we chose to relate where we have run off to, the excitement of writing a note to a friend and receiving a letter in return.

So to all of you who have found my slice of internet heaven… Hiyas! I hope you are doing well … leave a comment to let me know you have found my slice of the net pie!

Kat and the kids

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