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October 25, 2008

Obama vs. McCain.. Who’s the best man for the job?

I have to admit, I’ve become addicted to listening to CNN, Fox and various other stations as of late.

Being a registered American Independent, it has been interesting listening to the campaigns of both Barrack Obama and John McCain. I’ve listened to three debates, several campaign speeches by the two candidates, their running mates and people who are supporting their run for President.

I’ve sorted through a myriad of information being disseminated by both parties extolling the virtues of their candidate. I’ve heard about “Joe the plumber, Pat the Republican Teacher and several others who suddenly have become the best friend of one of our candidates.

But lets be honest here, what I would like to know is how will each candidate work for me, while he’s in the White House. How will he ensure that I continue to have a job, that the economy will not sink further, that health care will still be available and so on?

I get tired of the constant negative campaigning. I want to know who the best man is for the job not what the other guys ideas will do to the country while not sharing what your ideas will do for me as a citizen of this great nation. I want to tell both candidates; let your ideas get you into the White House not your ability to negatively campaign.

My vote will be going to the person, who i feel will best answer this question. “Who is the best man for the job?”  In reviewing all i know about both candidates, the man I vote for will be the one I feel best fills the requirements that I believe are required by anyone who is running for President.

I believe that Barrack Obama is the best person for the job. To date, he’s been the candidate who has been willing to discuss and focus on the issues at hand, his concern with the American and Global economy is evident in the way he approaches this campaign. He has the right attitude and while people might feel he’s inexperienced, I believe he will make sure he surrounds himself with advisors who do.

I had to chuckle today when I heard Governor Palin; she was giving a campaign speech in which she stated that if we elect Sen. Obama, the Democrats will have a Democratic President, Congress and Senate.  It seems the republicans have missed the boat, in the last 8 years of George W. Bush’s presidency; they had six of those years with a republican congress, so tell me why wasn’t this fixed at that point? I’m tired of hearing that it’s always the democrats’ fault we are in this situation. The system was broke, republicans had the chance to fix it and they elected not to until our economy tanked. So I say lets give the Democrats the same opportunity we afforded the Republicans for six years, I believe we’ll be pleasantly surprised.

So remember when you head to the polls, your vote does matter, be it your candidate wins or not. We are lucky to have the right and privilege of casting our vote for the person that we as a majority think should be in the White House, leading our great nation!

If you want to be heard, take the time on November 4th to vote!

Best wishes to each of the candidates.


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