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October 15, 2008

If It’s Meant To Be It Will Be

My sisters and I are taking Andrew, who turns five this month, for his first visit to Disneyland. While at work, when I am not listening to live, I listen to a local radio station I recently heard about a big party at Disney’s California Adventures, called Mickey’s Trick or Treat Party. After finally sorting out who was going to buy the tickets, my little sister logged on to site and found out that the party tickets for Halloween night were sold out. Well being the internet savvy person she is, she logged onto eBay, seeing that tickets were selling for $100+ per, she checked Craigslist in Seattle, Los Angeles and Orange County.

I was at work when I received a phone call from her saying can you call this person NOW!!!! Sure I replied, she had stumbled upon a young couple, who where unable to use the tickets they had purchased. I confirmed that we were looking for 4 tickets and set up a meeting for that evening.

Upon meeting this young couple and talking to them for a bit, the wife told me that after she received my sisters’ email and my phone call confirming that we wanted them, she had an additional thirteen emails, requesting the tickets. She asked me what I had planned for these tickets, so I told her about Andrews’s upcoming trip. She was so pleased that we were using them for his visit.

So when you think that things just aren’t going your way, remember to believe and if it’s meant to happen it will work itself out.

Have a wonderful day!

Kat and the kids.

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