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September 25, 2008

Food For Thought – Taking Responsibility

Every morning I receive an email from my boss. It’s our daily dose of motivation. He subscribes to a website called

Today’s motivational saying is as follows: To become a courageous leader, you must realize that accepting responsibility is not optional – it’s mandatory. — David Cottrell

This little gem of wisdom is right on point and can be applied to all aspects of our lives. When you accept responsibility and stop blaming others for your short comings it opens you up to growing into the type of person who people respect and admire.

Take a look at where we are with this entire bail out of companies. If people had taken responsibility in the beginning would we really be in the position of needing such a massive bail out of our financial system?

As a people, we need to stand up and take responsibility for our actions, by doing so we’ll enable and empower ourselves.

Just food for thought!

Have a fabulous Thursday!

Kat & the kids

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September 17, 2008

Summer is over and fall is upon us!

It’s hard to believe that summer is over; it seems like this year I’ve blinked and missed most of it. Just yesterday we were celebrating New Years and now we have zipped right past Labor Day.

My vacation was wonderful; there is something to be said for rustic living. As I told you before the cabin our family goes to is a one bedroom, with thankfully indoor plumbing, but not much else. We spent the better part of our days out on the beach fishing or reading.

Meggie went down to the water with her “special” fishing pole, complete with fish attached, to cast into the water. After a few casts she had enough of this whole fishing thing and would retire to her makeshift sandbox complete with toys. Andrew, being the big boy he is now at 4.5, was allowed a real hook on the end of his pole, this thrilled him to no end and we didn’t have the heart to tell him the hook was one we use for trout, not the big salmon he was hoping to hook. His “big boy” status was secured with catching his first fish, a bullhead, off the beach.

Our major excitement happened on the first night mom, dad and I went to the cabin. Down the road a piece a tree fell over the power lines, knocking out all power to every house down the road from that point. While this did not impede our cooking dinner, we used the bbq or our other daytime activities we were acuity aware of how dark the night was. Thankfully my parents had the forethought to pack headlamps, so while dad wore one to read, mom and I traded one off so we could play cards and phase 10.

My sister Becky and her husband Steve brought the kids up for several days. While we indulged the little ones, we also enjoyed some adult time such as taking trips into town, card and dice games as well as reading and talking.

The Island County Fair started on a Thursday, so we trekked off with the kids to see all the aminals, as Meggie calls them, she was dying to get her hands on a kitty cat, however at two and a half she was easily distracted. On our way to the kitty cats, she spotted a big red truck, you guessed it, it was a big fire engine. The kind firemen entertained Andrew, who had a million questions about the engine and Meggie who wanted to sit in it.

Andrew and the Fire Engine Meggie and the Fire Engine

No sooner had we gone around the back end of the engine did Meggie spot a mechanical bull. She turned to me and said “I want to ride the COW!” So I told her to ask the rodeo clown standing next to the bull. Not to be disappointed, she marched right over to him, tugged on his shorts and said “Can I ride the COW?” “Of course” said the clown. You could have heard a pin drop at the look on my sisters and my face. We were looking at each other saying “WHAT?!?”

I have to say the ‘wrangler’ and his ‘clown’ were simply wonderful. They were encouraging and gentle with all the kids who came to ride the bull. Andrew looked like a real cowboy in his green and white chaps and cowboy hat. He rode that bull for nearly the full eight seconds before he fell off during a spin. I was laughing all the way down. Meggie showed the boys how a girl rides a ‘cow’. The wrangler had that bull on super slow motion, he’d slowly tilt it up and she would brace herself on the hump and then bring it back down, all the while commentating Meggie’s ride to all who were listening and cheering for her.

Meggie shows the boys how to ride! Andrew Rides Like a PBR Champ!

After a full day of pony and carnival rides, we headed back to the cabin for some dinner and relaxation.

Andrew riding a fine pony Meggie and the Paint

It’s always hard to return to real life after having several days of downtime, but alas I flew home to Southern California and the kids. All three were so comfortable with their Tia NoNo that they never even missed me. I know this because usually while I’m gone they shred the house and won’t come near me for a few hours, however this trip they were right at the door waiting. I think it’s safe to say that they missed me.

I hope ya’ll had as a wonderful summer vacation as I managed to have.

Now it’s onward to fall!


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