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May 11, 2008

It’s all about My Mom!

Growing up in our house was wonderful, I can’t remember a time that my Mom wasn’t there to support us, encourage us and cheer us on. From being our campfire girl’s troop leader to accidentally kicking people on the sidelines of our soccer games, as she was cheering for us and got a little to into the game, to holding us when it felt like our world was falling apart.

My Mom will say, she was a professional mother, some moms were secretaries, some were doctors, but my Mom made her career out of raising us girls. I remember as a child I was always quick to volunteer Mom for all sorts of things, from field trips to driving a passel of kids home from school. She loved being the home room mom when I was in grade school and when I went to high school, I volunteered her to chaperone dances along with anything else we needed.

My senior year I got myself in a little over my head, my boyfriend was in Drama and his teacher knew I was taking sewing classes, so he asked me to sew a costume. Mom and her best friend Margie, went with me to the school and helped me make it, complete with a feather boa tacked around the neck. That feather boa saw more miles before it was attached, with both Mom and Margie dancing around singing old show tunes twirling it in the air. We laughed and got the costume done the night before dress rehearsal and had a grand time doing so.

To this day friends whom I grew up with, still stop by and chat with Mom, though we are all older and wiser, they come by for the stories and laughter, as well as advice that she always is ready to hand out. Most children grow up and move on with their lives, we girls have done so in fine fashion, but still keep in daily contact with her, if only to give her a ring and say Hi Mom, I’m on my way home from work how was your day?

I found this poem on a beautiful made picture years ago and gave it to my mom, it sums up what kind of mother she was to us girls.

A Mean Mother

A mean mother never allows candy or sweets to take the place of a well balanced meal.

A mean mother insists on knowing where her children are all times, who their friends are and what they do.

A mean mother breaks child labor laws by making her children work, washing dishes, making beds, learning to cook, and other cruel and unpleasant chores.

A mean mother makes life miserable for her offspring by insisting they always tell the truth.

A mean mother produces teenagers who are wiser and more sensible.

A mean mother can smile with secret delight and pride as she hears her own grandchildren call their mother mean.

What the world needs now are more mean mothers!

My Mom raised the three of us to believe in ourselves, to be confident and secure, to make good choices in life and friends and know that no matter what she will always love us.

So this is for you Mom. Have a wonderful Mothers Day!

Love you always!


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