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April 30, 2008

Miley Cyrus and Her Recent Woes

I’ve been reading and watching segments regarding Miley Cyrus’s lack of judgment in a series of photographs she had taken for the magazine Vanity Fair, and I have to say I’m rather shocked at the publics’ backlash for her tastefully done photographs.

We as a society tell young girls her age or younger that it’s ok to dress in a fashion that Miley is now being criticized for. In an artistically taken picture of her father with her lying on his lap as well as a few other pictures, I’ve heard over and over that she bared her midriff. People she’s wearing AGE APPROPRIATE clothing for her generation. Clothing that we as a society allow our daughters to wear to school, out to public functions, trips to the mall without thinking twice and now we would condemn her for wearing clothing that our children wear? Shame on YOU!

Miley is a product of the Disney machine, now while Disney pays lip service to worrying about Miley and the possibility that Vanity Fair took advantage of her, the truth of the matter here is they are trying to protect their investment. Miley carries the weight of a successful show Hannah Montana on her 15 year old shoulders, this includes but is not limited to; the television show, massive merchandising, concerts and various other avenues. They are worried about the possibility of losing revenue if the star of their show no longer is attractive to parents with young children who idolize this young lady.

Now I’m going to point something out, IF you have a young child, perhaps you should point them into AGE appropriate shows. I’ve seen many a segment where parents of children who are three and four, who are stating their disappointment regarding Mileys’ behavior. Three and four year olds shouldn’t be watching Hannah Montana; they should be watching shows that are suited for their age such as Dora the Explorer and Sesame Street.

Also lumped in with the outcry of Mileys photographs is her behavior on various sites such as MySpace and YouTube. I think people forget that she’s a teenager and bound to do the same things that any teenager would do. Yes I know she’s an Idol to many children, however this is why children have parents. To trash her for doing things that a normal teenager can be found doing is at anytime is wrong and inappropriate, a responsible parent should be monitoring what his or her child watches on television, looks at online or reads in a magazine.

So let’s remember that we didn’t have the mediums available to us that Miley has to her in our day; however we were once teenagers prone to making mistakes and learning life’s lessons the hard way.

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