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April 14, 2008

Pool Time

This weekend was one of the hottest in Southern California recent history. With nine cities breaking their records, Anaheim was 102 degrees f tying with Phoenix Az as the hottest city in the world. Sweltering would be a fine word to sum up the feeling.

I finally broke down and hopped in our pool trying to cool down, while the air temperature was hot, the water was freezing. Our pool heats up as we go into summer by absorbing heat from the sun during the day, it takes several days for this to happen. Two days of hot weather does not heat the pool enough to warrant any sane adult jumping in to swim.

I have to laugh, for some reason the kids in my complex are pros at coaxing me from my warm home into the pool, each year they get me to slip into the cold water to swim about with them. I should get the hint that the pool is freezing when a good portion of the kids have lower lips trembling with the shivers, but like an eager beaver I jump in then have a moment of near panic at the freezing temperature. Yes, I agree my sanity should be questioned when it comes to pool time, but there is something so refreshing about sliding into what feels like sub zero water when the air around you feels like the inside of an oven.

As spring turns into summer, I know I’ll be diving into the pool more often than not and I hope as time flies by that the water will heat to near bath water temperatures.

Here’s to hoping!

Have a great Monday!


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