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April 7, 2008

Parking Manners

So last night I called the local sheriffs station. It seems we have someone in our complex who feels that when there is a no parking zone it doesn’t pertain to them, when they are looking for street parking.

Our complex has assigned slips for each resident. If you have additional cars you end up having to park on a rather busy street. Unfortunately for us, because of this street parking we have a limited view of the busy main road when pulling out and this small amount of footage offered up by the ‘red zone’ gives us an additional site line of the oncoming traffic.

The other thing this person fails to realize, is that by parking in this zone, which also has a fire hydrant, IF the fire department were to show up for a house, car or any other kind of fire, with his vehicle there he hinders their access to this life saving measure, which could result in them putting the hose through his car windows.

What irritates me about this person is for the last 3 months he has felt that it’s his RIGHT to park there, never mind that by doing so he’s putting everyone at risk that live in this complex. This goes back to the posting about people believing their needs are more important the rest of the world.

So a couple of neighbors have decided to host a little campaign to stop the illegal parking of cars that put us at risk each and every day by parking in this red zone. A simple call to the back line of our local sheriffs station and quick conversation with the Sergeant on duty, will result in a drive by and ticket by a local deputy, though I hate to be the cause of additional paperwork for the deputy, I figure it’s less paperwork than an accident, should it occur.

While some might call this pissy behavior; however those who understand what the ‘red zone’ is about will also understand that this person seems to have an apparent disregard for those who are his neighbors.

So next time your in a hurry and looking for a spot to park your vehicle, remember your parking manners, don’t block a “red zone” as by doing so you might just put someone at risk.

Have a great day!


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