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April 4, 2008

Sexual Predators vs Parents 101 – Part 2

Since posting Sexual Predators vs Parents 101, I’ve had numerous emails and chats with people offering their opinions and points of view.

One of the best conversations regarding the posting was with a good friend, who is the father of a young boy; he also has worked around many child molesters in the course of his job.

While he agrees that I made several valid points with my initial post, he brought up an angle that I did not think about as I was posting the first time.

In his 14 years of experience working around child molesters, he has found that most have nothing more to say about it than it feels “right and normal” to them. While they understand that society views the interaction of an adult with a minor to be wrong, many will say differently when on film, television or in other media, hoping that this might bring them leniency, even though they feel as strongly about it being right, as any man would feel it’s right to have sex with his wife.

He’s also believes that a child molester can not be re-habilitated. As he pointed out, they have chemically castrated many a sexual predator only to have that person molest again. Chemical castration does not fix the urge that is sent from the brain, it only takes away the ability to have the penis function.

While I compared rehabilitation to being that of an addiction, he pointed out, that if it was an addiction than we could rehabilitate people to be a sexual orientation that we wished them to be. Society could no more rehabilitate him, a straight man, into being a homosexual than they can rehabilitate a child molester into fitting what society would deem to be acceptable.

This being said, he’s of the opinion that child molesters should not be allowed around, near or close to a child. That this offense is suitable for the death penalty, and yes I know this will upset many people, but this is his opinion and I value other people’s point of view on touchy subject matters.

His reasoning behind his feeling that this crime is suitable for such a drastic punishment is that many children who have suffered through child molestation, have life long issues and problems. Quite often they have issues with the law, as they turn to alternate and illegal means to mask the pain they carry. When I brought up the point that it’s often said that most who molest children were often times molested themselves as children, which to me could mean that it’s a learned behavior. He brought up another valid point. Not all children who are molested become child molesters, those who are need serious therapy to help them. It’s up to the individual to recognize certain bad feelings they may have and get help before they act upon them.

So my question to him was this, in essence some might be able to be rehabilitated if they are of the persuasion of being a victim of child molestation verses someone who is chemically wired that way?

His answer was, No, some of the children whom are victimized can be helped through treatment, and molesters themselves, he believes cannot be helped as they think it feels right. He feels that a child molester might feel love from it, power, or whatever they derive from the action of molesting. If one has been molested, and turns around to themselves molest, it’s his belief that it is too late to change their way of thinking. Help needed to come way before for those who are a victim of molestation and go on to molest children themselves.

He also believes that many molesters think of themselves as victims of the beliefs that society holds on what is right and wrong. He can’t imagine that any molester would think that molestation is legal, and knowing it’s illegal, they must know and understand that society finds it repulsive, so why would they molest unless they are driven by it feeling right in their own minds.

This conversation brought to light as I stated before an angle that I had not considered in regards to the rehabilitation of child molesters and those who prey on the young, be they girls or boys. I value his thoughts, opinions and experiences, on this subject matter, as both a father of a young boy and that as a professional who deals with those unsavory souls who most of polite society would not want cross paths with.


*please note that much of what was written came from my friend CEC during the course of our conversation and I took the liberty of using statements made by him during the course of our chat. He will be previewing this blog prior to my posting it for accuracy on his thoughts and opinions. ~Kat*

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