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April 1, 2008


I count myself lucky; throughout my life I’ve met scores of people.  Some have touched my life for a brief moment, while others have remained for a lifetime.

I often times wonder about those friends who have graced my life then have for some reason or another left it.  Where are they now, I truly hope they are happy and that life is treating them well.  I’ve been blessed with the friendship of a few who no matter how long it has been since we’ve spoken, when we call each other, it seems as though we’ve never been apart.

My friend Dianne is one of those people.  Though her travels have taken her to Africa on a mission for two years, then home to Seattle through nursing school, we’ve always taken time to connect and spend quality time together.  Everyone deserves a friend in their life who loves them in-spite of themselves, who is non judgmental and who will always wish the best for them.

Then there is my friend Tim, whom I’ve posted, rants from.  When we first met through the power of AOL, you would have thought we were both nuts as I live in California and he lives in Washington, but we have a great friendship.  He’s the combination of best guy friend/big brother.  He makes me laugh till my sides hurt and holds nothing back. He just tells me as he sees it and expects nothing less of me.

As my girlfriend Dianne once told her friends, everyone should have someone in their life that makes them laugh so hard that they have sore sides for days.

Then there is my sister Becky, who I count as my touchstone in life.  God graced us with being sisters, but we determined our friendship, from the age of 2½ until now, she’s the one who has no issues bopping me over the head and saying “What were you thinking Kat?” She’s also my biggest cheerleader, supporting me in my work, listening to my relationship excitements and woes and always being there no matter what. 

Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold. This is what my mother has always told us girls, and it holds true.

Have a fabulous Tuesday!


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