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March 30, 2008

Lazy Sunday

There are just times when you have to enjoy a lazy Sunday.  Today was one of those for the kids and I.Â

It started off with Ace trying to wake me at 5am, for some reason he hasn’t figured out that on Saturday and Sunday, he doesn’t need to wake me up for work, after snuggling with him for a bit he wandered off to play with Cera and Tori leaving me to snuggle back under the sheets and catch a few more winks until he decided it was time for Mom to get up.

Getting up at 9am is a luxury that I am rarely allowed, having no real drive this morning I flipped on the television, only to watch the various infomercials for products that I’m sure I can’t live without.  Finally the drive of needing something to eat drove me to the kitchen for that big bowl of frosted cheerios and soy milk.I noticed that while I was enjoying my breakfast that Ace was sprawled out, sleeping on the chair my parents brought down on their recent visit, seemingly exhausted at his job of waking me from my deep slumber.Â

I finally watched The Transformers, a movie I had bought a while ago and never quite found time to watch. I was surprised to find that I liked it.  It was just what I needed to start my morning off, a good shoot them up action adventure.Â

I finally at 3pm caught a nice hot shower and I think it’s time to put a London broil on for dinner tonight.

Lazy Sundays aren’t an every weekend thing, but I sure do enjoy them when I slow down long enough.

Enjoy what is left of your Sunday, lazy or not!


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