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March 26, 2008

Questions that boggle the Dating Girls Mind…

How do you know when you’re dating someone? My girlfriend and I were talking about men and relationships. We are trying to figure out, when does it go from just friends to something more substantial like dating them.

I guess this is a question that plagues most people. As we get older, it becomes more of a blurred line, when does going for coffee, catching a movie and just hanging out with someone become he’s my boyfriend, she’s my girlfriend.

Is it more along the official lines when someone says I love you? Or is the constant presence of the person the defining factor? Is it when you introduce them to your family and children?

These are the questions she and I have been posing to each other all morning long. I suppose there is no easy answer to this question… but it does make for a good discussion over a cup of coffee.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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