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March 24, 2008

Money Matters

This morning I did something that I rarely do anymore; I stopped at McDonalds and picked up one of their Vanilla Iced Coffees. To my surprise this coffee is good, not just ok but actually GOOD. I’ve always been a stanch Starbucks kind of girl, something to do with growing up in Seattle and having nearly drank it from the bottle. With our economy falling into a recession I’m finding that while I love Starbucks Iced Coffees that their higher prices aren’t loved by my pocketbook.

I’m finding less expensive ways of purchasing things that I find to be nearly as good as or better than the original. As you’ve seen in previous postings, I’m playing the Grocery Game. Clipping coupons and shopping sales have enabled me to save money, while buying things I use daily.

I have a full pantry, deep freezer and fridge. I’m not lacking for any of the basic necessities in life nor am I missing out on the luxury items that I might desire but not need at the moment.

In saving money this way, I’m able to do things like up my 401k by 2% more this year; sock money away in a money market fun, investing in stocks and put money away for a cruise that friend Naomi has invited me to go on. I don’t feel like I’m not shorting myself on anything I might want, need or desire.

I was talking to my sister Becky about money this weekend, one thing we agree on, is that our generation tends to be of the “I want it now” mentality. As we grew up we remember our parents would save and pay cash for the bigger items. Rarely did they use credit; they did finance the house and cars, however they never bought a new car off the lot when a 2 year old one would do the trick.

Going back to this way of thinking, after years of the “I have to have it now” syndrome, I’m finding that I appreciate items that I purchase more than I did when I bought them on credit. I’m saving money by paying myself the interest that I used to pay the bank cards or finance companies.

So as I sip this iced coffee, I think in the long run, I am making a healthy change, saving money and not feeling short changed, and still allowing for the little splurges now and again.

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