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December 6, 2007

The holidays are upon us.

Silly Deer

There is nothing more exciting than knowing that the holidays are upon us.  I am sitting here typing to you while listening to KOST 103.5, Southern California’s soft rock station.  Through the holidays they play continual Christmas music, and I must say listening to both traditional and obscure holiday tunes songs that I grew up on is most comforting.  I’m sure all three of the kids are wondering why I’m listening to Christmas music, they will understand when they check their stockings and see that Santa has left them all catnip treats, crinkle balls and fun mice to play with.

Norad Tracks Santa

I’m pleased to announce that NORAD has begun its official 2007 Santa tracking!  You too can follow along by visiting their site.  There are lots of things to explore in the North Pole and on Christmas Eve following Santa’s flight, just make sure you dive into bed before Santa lands on your roof top.  *Note: You can click the Norad banner above and be whisked away to the North Pole to check out the going ons up there this time of year.*

I am headed home to Seattle for the holidays and am looking forward to the trip.  My nephew Andrew is such a darling.  The other day I called and spoke with him.  He asked me “Auntie Kat… when is your birfday?” I told him “It’s in August baby.”  Then he asked the one of those questions that men should never ask a lady. “Auntie Kat how old will you be?” When I replied “40”, he stated “I’m four”.  He knows that Christmas means we exchange gifts and he has a little trouble with remembering the difference between birthdays and the holidays.  Then the imp asked me.  “Auntie Kat what would you like for your birfday?”  when I said “Well, I’m not sure.”  he stated with great certainty, “You need a new car because your car has a flat tire.”  I had to smile, the things this little man remembers, I mentioned during the thanksgiving holiday that my car had a flat tire and darn if he didn’t remember that.

During my trip home we girls will be embarking upon one of our family traditions of sitting on Santa’s lap.  My mother can chronicle our lives by those photos.  This year she will have her 40th photo of me on Santa’s lap.  She loves to pull them out and we all enjoy looking at them and remembering when.Â

In the beginning it’s just me, then as the years slowly tick by you see the addition of my two sisters.  There are years my mom swears she wonders if we girls had a mother, due to impart the current styles in the late 70s and 80s and into the 90s.  Then we have those years where one of us looked stunning and the other two, well not so much, and on the odd year when all three of us beauties looked just that simply gorgeous.Â

I suppose if I ever bring home a fellow for the family to meet, instead of whipping out the obligatory Kat, as a baby naked on the bed, she will show them our life story in the holiday pictures.

I received a wonderful card from my moms God daughter Cheryl.  She and I have been pen pals since I was in 3rd grade and begged my mom for someone to write to.  She is the woman I shared all my hopes and dreams with throughout the last 30+ years.  She’s shared the trials and tribulations of my life and I hers.  She knew every time I had a boyfriend, a crush, or just needed to vent about life in general.  There is nothing like having a confidant like she was for me.  Since she lived on the east coast and I live out on the west coast, it was to expensive to call however at the time it cost nearly nothing to send a letter in the mail.  I used to wait for her letters and read them over and over.  To this day I have every childhood letter she sent me, they fill an entire box!  I remember the first time I talked to her on the phone, it was right before I married at the ripe old age of 19 and she called me to confirm that my wedding dress was indeed white due to her dream that I was getting married in an ORANGE dress.Â

In her note she sent along a picture, her three babies are no longer so little, her oldest is now 17, her middle is 15 and her baby is now 12, its amazing how time flies.  I’ve watched all three grow up through pictures, letters and heard about life on the occasional phone call we have now and again.  She to this day remains the one friend I’ve had the longest, with the one exception of my sister Becky.  I’d like to send her family warm wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years. *note: I’ll be sending a card snail mail too*

On that note it’s now 11:06pm and I’ve been sitting here singing songs along with KOST’s holiday songs and it’s time for me to retire to bed.

Here is wishing you and yours a very Happy, Safe and Wonderful Holiday Season!

Love Kat and the kids.

Jolly Holly
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