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October 9, 2007

Time Flies

My mom says over and over, the older you get the faster your life flies by you. I have to admit, as I’ve gotten older, she’s right. It seems like yesterday, I was packing to head to Seattle for some rest, relaxation and fishing, now I am looking at the local pumpkin patches going up for Halloween. Hard to believe yet another summer is gone. Blink it was a New Years, blink it was Easter, blink it’s Summer and now we’re in October and I am left wondering where this year went, did I miss it?

Mom’s birthday is on the 13th which is right around the corner, she’s a spry 64 this year, all recovered from her bout with that pumpkin sized tumor and planning a trip to Southern California to visit her oldest child aka Me. My nephew Andrew and niece Megan have their birthdays this month too, Andrew will be a big boy at four years old and Ms. Megan will be a precocious two.

This year has pretty much gone off without a hitch in its stride with a few notable exceptions, my sister having the colonoscopy issue, my mom with her tumor and me… with well get this, my bank was closed by the Feds (that’s for another blog this week and yes I have another bank to fall back on)

I’m looking forward to the upcoming holidays, we have Halloween around the corner, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, then we do it all again only to look back and say where did *insert year here* go.

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