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July 31, 2007

Failure to Blog

Recently I was chatting with a girlfriend from grade school and Marie chastised me for failing to blog. So let me get on the stick here and catch ya’ll up on what is going on in Kats world.

Its summer in Southern California, we’re suffering with balmy temperatures ranging from the mid to high 80s with a few weeks of heat waves bringing us up into the 90s and low triple digits. This means running our AC units and spending as much time in the pool or ocean as we can although summer nights are another story entirely.  The balmy nights are simply awesome for going outdoors, taking a stroll on the beach, enjoying a fire on the back patio while sipping wine and the company of good friends.

Contrary to what one might think it’s NOT the time of year to make a day drip to Disneyland or any other theme park for that matter.  Summer means big crowds, long waiting lines and tourists up the wing wang.  You haven’t lived until your standing in line with tourists saying “YOU TAKE PICTURE OF ME”

NEWS FLASH: Ace, the poster kitten, has officially turned 1 year old.  Let me tell you he’s one handsome cat, as cats go.  A friend told me, Ace is the “Man” cat of this house, which is true, he’s managed to whip Tori, Cera and I into line. So lets all say Happy Birthday to Ace, I’m sure he’ll appreciate it catnip toys and all.

It’s coming up on that time of year where I travel home to Seattle to visit family and friends.

This year I’m especially glad to be going home.  My mom, who’s never been one to do anything half way had major surgery last week, seems that she was busy growing a tumor that put most watermelons to shame.  Doctors removed a 25 pound tumor, her plumbing and a few other odds and ends as well.  I’m happy to report she’s doing well and is as feisty as ever, must be the Irish in her.

My nephew and niece are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Auntie Kat, I’m expecting to be turned into a human jungle gym, shown all about their new play structure in the backyard, play trains with Andrew and dress up with Megan. Good times to be had by all!

My cousin Marlo, having just gotten married will be hosting a reception for family and friends.  I don’t believe I’ve seen anyone since my baby sister had hers a few years back.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up on their lives as well as sharing mine.

So now you have the update on Kat and crew.  I hope ya’ll are enjoying this wonderful summer.

Blog soon!

Kat and the Kids

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