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March 4, 2007


We shared good times, as siblings do.
We played together blissfully
We handled arguments so well
Despite our differences we thrived… Let’s just be glad we all survived!!!

On Feb 28th the baby of our family turned 33. Happy belated birthday to my baby sister.

Having to younger sisters, it was often times I found myself relating to one or the other sister but rarely both at the same time. For instance, I had a period of exploring makeup, much to the dismay of the baby; she’d often time be the one I experimented on. Borrowing moms blue eye shadow and using the bright hoochie red lipstick, I found at the store for 99 cents, I’d primp her, curl her hair and dress her up in some outfit then send her down to my mom’s social gathering of friends, proclaiming I’m Dolly Parton. How my mom survived this I don’t know. How my sister didn’t grow up to hate me is even a bigger wonder.

My middle sister was the one who while I was closest to in age and usually ended up being the one I picked on the most. I’d pull little stunts like opening her bedroom door and say… “Hey, whatcha doing?” typically she’d respond something along the lines of “I’m doing homework.” Then I’d ask her… “do you want me to close your door?” at her “Yes” I’d say “OK” and close it only to open it again and ask… “Do you want it closed loosely or tightly?” after about the 5th time of this I’d bail back to the safe haven of my bedroom as she hollered for our mother.

I will say this about having younger sisters; they will pay you back in spades for all the teasing they endure from you over the years. I remember dating this one guy, my sophomore year in school, when he’d come pick me up … both of my sisters would sit in the upstairs window, hollering… OOOOH Kat he’s sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Good lord, I just wanted the floor to open and swallow me whole, no such luck. So just a little note here for all you readers, don’t pick on your younger siblings because they will get you back at the most inopportune moments.

As we grew into young adults, going to high school, we were all exactly 3 school years apart, so being a senior the middle sister was a freshman. At 17, I was protective of my sister. Being a ‘jock’ and dating the start football center, I wasn’t about to let anyone pick on my sister, after all she was my sister and if anyone was to pick on her it would be me. The reality of it was that I wanted her to have a wonderful high school experience, just like I had.

Now with the three of us being adults, it’s amazing the relationships I share with each sister. The baby in our family is a super busy professional, married and showing cats. She’s witty, beautiful and easy to talk to. A die hard WSU “COUG” fan, a few years back we made it to the Rose Bowl. She, her husband and his best friend road tripped down for the game and to celebrate New Years California style. Sitting on the Sooners side of the stadium we had the time of our life, hooting hollering and talking smack with them. I’m waiting for the first time she has a big cat show in the LA area. Her cat Mario, holy moly, I’m not sure he’s a cat; he’s bigger than most dogs and quite a looker. Yes, you could say she and I share a love of cats, both having three of them.

My middle sister is the rock of my life, I know I can call her at anytime and she will stop and offer advice, love and a good verbal tongue lashing as I need it. She is my best friend and confidant. She might not agree with what I say but she never judges me, just loves me for me. She’s a busy woman raising two rambunctious children and yet she still finds time for her family. Recently, she came down to California for a weekend, what a riot we traipsed all over from the beach to Disneyland to doing some dancing at my favorite country bar. I introduced her to the people that I share wonderful friendships with. She was sad to go home, but I think after the weekend we had she needed to go back to her life to rest. I’m looking forward to her next trip down!

The best thing in this world is to have sisters who love you in spite of yourself, who cry and laugh with you… I look forward to seeing where our relationships go as we continue to mature in our lives.

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