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January 23, 2007

Normal? What is Normal?

To some “Normal” means to conform to society’s conventional standards and expectations, yet for others “Normal” is entirely subjective and can be applicable for one person, to what another considers completely abnormal.

Example: A couple are laying in bed… she might ask her significant other to bend her over and spank her till her backside is a hot pink color.

If one is conforming to society standards, this could be considered outside of the norm, however if her Point of Reference (POR) is that of the BDSM World, then this would be considered normal, tame if you will.
So often people try to use “abnormal” as an indictment, .a means by which to insult or to demean others these people miss an important reality, that abnormal is not necessarily the desired state of being but for some, it is the “normal” that is to be avoided, shunned even, and the abnormal, the atypical, the strange, to be sought after and emulated. With so many people in the world possessing so many different values, beliefs and interests and desires, who can possibly say what is normal and more importantly, why normal should necessarily be preferred?
I often wonder about those who judge others.  Just because it’s outside of your ‘norm’ does it make it wrong?

Example: A young man is at a club, he spots another young man walking by and is attracted to him, and in speaking to the other man he finds they are both sexually attracted to each other.  They leave together.

While in some cultures this is considered ‘normal’ in others it’s considered not only abnormal but aberrant behavior. Just because something is outside of a persons POR or range of experience, does it give them the right to judge someone else on what their behaviors are? Should people be so wrapped up in their own comfort zones that they force their thoughts, beliefs and ways upon others?  Understanding that being “normal” does not necessarily mean that someone is repressed, but means that in that particular persons eyes, being “normal’ is subjective to his/her POR.

Remember one persons abnormal today might just be that persons “normal” tomorrow.  

Credits: This blog was brought about due to a sexual in nature discussion that went on last night on yahoo chat.  The individuals will remain unnamed, however I wanted to bring up the fact that, while most people find chat to be boring, un-educational and often times droll, there are times when the subject matter gives one pause to stop and think about what is being said.

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