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October 12, 2006

Individuals are smart however People are STUPID

As I’ve grown older and arguably wiser, I’ve come to the conclusion that people in whole are stupid, while individuals are smart.  Think about it… people are like lemmings, reports of terrorist activities or a major sale at Kohls or Neimans, are enough to send people over the cliff.  When if we just stepped back and looked at it on an individual basis, a person would say OH HELL NO I’m not jumping.

My mother always asked… if everyone jumped off the bridge would you?  My response was not only no it was a resounding no that echoed off the walls of the bedroom (usually this question came when I was in major trouble for doing something ‘stupid’ along with the gaggle of girls I ran around with)

So people, try thinking for yourselves, be it in or out of the daymn box, use the grey matter that is between your ears, you’ll be surprised how many proverbial bridges you don’t leap off.


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