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October 1, 2006

The Mans Rule Book – Reaching out and touching tush, that isn’t yours.

So, I posed a question to the gentleman I’m currently seeing.  Why is it when I go out dancing that men I don’t even know feel the need to grab my rear end?Â

His simple answer… “Babe, it’s in the Mans Rule Book.” That’s it, no explanation, just that “It’s in the mans rule book”.Â

As a female, I feel the need to protest or at the VERY least amend this rule. Granted, I was blessed with an ample tush, some might say, I have the entire junk yard in my trunk, but I do not believe I have a sticker pasted to a cheek that says… “FREE TO FONDLE”.

Take Friday night for instance.  Here I am minding my own business, dancing with a girlfriend of mine; some guy slides up behind me and wants to dance.  Clearly I’m not dancing with him but with her, however next thing I know, not only is he pressing his pelvis up against me, leaving exactly ZERO to the imagination, but he had the audacity to smack my ass.  Now, I know that it might be in question if there is a bumper sticker on a cheek that says “TOUCH FOR YOUR HEALTH” but I know there isn’t one that says “SMACK THREE TIMES AND DON’T CALL ME IN THE MORNING” on there. First of all, my rear end is big but it’s not that big Shesh!

So… Guys, I propose an amendment, if you see a woman with a nice, ample rear end, before you decide to take it for a test drive, please make sure the owner of said backside, grants you permission.Â

Think that will fly?  While we’re at it why don’t you forward a copy of the “Mans Rule Book” to women out there, so we know what you consider acceptable and what isn’t.Thanks!!

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