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August 26, 2006

What to do?

So I’m cruising through a chat room this morning and the question was posed. 

What would you do if you found that all your girlfriends profiles at 4:00am, where changed to “single” and changed back to saying “in a relationship” at 9:00am?

First thing you should ask yourself is why are you up at 4:00am checking her profiles?  Unless you’re working nights, or suspect her cheating on you, go to bed. She could have a ton of reasons for changing her profile to single, first and foremost is that she’s looking for someone to chat with.  Second it could be she’s looking for some fun on the side and under the mistaken impression that putting “single” in her profile will attract the types of conversation she’s seeking.

Lets think about this here, online is online, and while it translates to offline relationships, emotions and what not, basically it’s used as a tool to find “hook ups”.  If you think she’s cheating, then confront her with your suspicions.   

People, if you’re insecure with your relationships in the first place then perhaps this isn’t the relationship for you.  There is nothing in the rule books that states you must hang on to a relationship, if you feel that something is wrong.  Sometimes it’s easier to cut your losses and move on.

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August 25, 2006

Kats point of view.

So I turned 38 yesterday and tomorrow I start back to college, sometimes I wonder if I have bitten of more than I can chew.  Working full time and running an online retail store, takes its toll, not just on ones body but on ones social life. Here I am talking to a guy, who asked me… “With all you do, do you have time for a relationship??” That’s easy, it’s no, and not just a little no but a BIG NO. Well snap!! Something has to change.

I am a single woman, who much to my dismay has become a ‘CAT Woman’ in my apt complex.  Tori Tori , Cera Cera, and lil man AceAce man, live in a lifestyle that I work very hard to maintain.

Before you ask… the answer is a big ol fat NO, I do not want anymore pussy in this house!

You’ll notice this blog is slowly being built, mainly that’s because it is fixing to chap my ample rear end.  Its like buying a house and gutting it. Evenually my design will be done and I will be happy.Â

That being said it’s now 11:14pm and I believe I have a hot date with my bed.

Alter Ego darlin… just so you know… you might be the All Star… but I’ll forever be the QUEEN!!


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