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August 27, 2006

Oh my, what a night!!!

So, here is the scene… put 30+ AOL’rs from a local chat room in a family style restaurant and look out… What a hoot!Â

Sitting at a huge table, with a bust of the pope in a plexiglas box in the middle of the lazy susan or as some call it the “loosey goosie”, with oodles and oodles of noodles, chicken, fish and spicy sausage swirling around and around, it’s hard to imagine hearing all the conversations going on, however if you have selective hearing,  then by george you hear and see a lot of things.  The least of which is more boobage in one room than should be legal, a veritable feast of mouth watering mammories for the guys to gaze longingly upon while savoring their dinner.

Move this group to a local watering hole with good music, beer and room to dance and now the fun starts. Sometimes I wonder why I get away with the things I do, example, a guy walks up to a girl he hardly knows and slides his hands along her body and she might just whap him upside the head, however a woman does that and the other woman dances back in good fun, knowing that it’s killing the guys.  It’s always fun seeing people let their hair down and shake their bon bons, in such a manner that would make Ricky Martin jealous.

POINT TO PONDER: Why is it called a boner when there is no bone in it?

Anyhow, the festivities went from inside to out on the patio, back in and out again…(kind of like doin the funky monkey) I figure it like this, give me a beer, a lap and good friends and I have no shame, it’s all fair game!

The best part of the night was trekking to Norms, for the customary breakfast, before the drive home and staying up to write this blog.
For some reason, when I go to norms with my friend Janet, the waitresses get involved into the conversations we have.  Must be our magnetic personalities, then again it could be big sausage and nice eggs we order, the topics and the men’s bodies we discuss, example: some poor fool made the mistake of following us to norms a while back, when he mentioned his girlfriend was in NYC, I couldn’t help sharing with him that she was there doing naughty things.  I think he was a tad bit worried, then while discussing the men, of the music industry, our waitress agreed with us on who was hot and who was not.  Word of advice, never speculate about someone’s sausage, you might think he’s blessed with a summer sausage and end up with a nasty surprise of him sporting a vienna sausage.

POINT TO PONDER: Why is it men, straight, bi and gay love boobs?

You get a line, I’ll get a pole, We’ll go fishing in the crawfish hole, Down in the boondocks
Five-card poker on a Saturday night, Church on Sunday morning.

Say a little prayer for me!!

On that note, I have a hot date with my bed and I think I’m going to keep it, now that I’m older I need all the beauty rest I can get, I’d hate to have steamer trunks under my eyes and my rear end riding a skate board to get through tomorrow.



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