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August 25, 2006

Kats point of view.

So I turned 38 yesterday and tomorrow I start back to college, sometimes I wonder if I have bitten of more than I can chew.  Working full time and running an online retail store, takes its toll, not just on ones body but on ones social life. Here I am talking to a guy, who asked me… “With all you do, do you have time for a relationship??” That’s easy, it’s no, and not just a little no but a BIG NO. Well snap!! Something has to change.

I am a single woman, who much to my dismay has become a ‘CAT Woman’ in my apt complex.  Tori Tori , Cera Cera, and lil man AceAce man, live in a lifestyle that I work very hard to maintain.

Before you ask… the answer is a big ol fat NO, I do not want anymore pussy in this house!

You’ll notice this blog is slowly being built, mainly that’s because it is fixing to chap my ample rear end.  Its like buying a house and gutting it. Evenually my design will be done and I will be happy.Â

That being said it’s now 11:14pm and I believe I have a hot date with my bed.

Alter Ego darlin… just so you know… you might be the All Star… but I’ll forever be the QUEEN!!


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